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Commonplace Law is a legal practice based in Traverse City, Michigan.  

With emphasis on serving community-orientated small business and nonprofit organizations, Commonplace Law provides practical, human, and transparent legal services designed to help your organization not only survive but flourish and do better – for yourselves, your employees, your customers & stakeholders, and your community. 


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There is always time for the right work.


enliven healthy, connected, creative, and legally-sound organizations and communities through positive, practical, transparent, and human legal services, tools, and education.


Commonplace Law offers legal services to further the mission of Commonplace, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community innovation hub whose mission is to enliven healthy, connected, & creative organizations.  Commonplace Law is a PLLC offering discounted services to qualifying nonprofits and small business. 

Need work or meeting space? Commonplace offers coworking, meeting, and office space for nonprofits and small business in Traverse City, Michigan.  

Learn more about Commonplace at www.commonplacework.org.



Nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs, small business, local government, and cooperatives who:

  • Serve or are based in Northern Michigan
  • Value collaboration & organizational learning
  • Seek a positive impact on stakeholders, including their organization and community.

In other words, people with good ideas who are working hard to realize a positive vision and impact.  


Legal services to help you and your organization flourish, not just survive.  

 Running a small organization means balancing competing priorities for money, time and energy.  Commonplace Law exists to help you succeed in your positive vision and impact.  We don't want you spend your resources with us unless it will be effective for your vision and priorities.  We help you identify which legal services you really need; and design services that are the right fit for your current priorities and resources.  

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To flourish individually and collectively in a time of rapid change and transition, we strive to:  Vision a positive future. Connect with curiosity, gratitude, and empathy.  Continuously learn and evolve.  Act from trust and collective enoughness; a rising tide raises all ships.  Work for better problems, not no problems.  People and organizations change and can decide to improve.  Every individual holds and generates ideas and information we collectively need to thrive.  

Oh, and enjoy the ride.