Four types of legal services: flat fee, by-the-hour, legal coaching & workshops.

Learn more about which best fitsyour needs.

All Commonplace Law rates and fees are suggested.   If you don't feel you received value for what you paid, we will refund your money or only ask you to pay what you think is reasonable.


Like legal zoom, but more human and more affordable.

You have a "just-add-water" need and a "one-size-fits-most" solution works.   Need to form a single-member LLC?  Draft a simple lease or contract?  Great.  Let's just add the water.  Contact us to find out more.

RATES: Vary by product.  Example rates: 

  • Form  nonprofit organization & obtain 501(c)(3) status: $750-$1500
  • Form Single-Member LLC: $150
  • Form Multi-Member LLC: Starts at $350 (including operating agreement)
  • Legal assessment: get your legal house in order.  $1000-$2000 flat fee for legal assessment & report.


Legal zoom + classes: when you need to learn to fish.

There is a known solution to your need, but it takes a little extra work or understanding to get it right.   We'll meet a in small groups (3-5 organizations), usually more than once, for hands-on learning to help you develop the solution for your organization's unique features.

RATES: Vary based on workshop.


Traditional legal services: pay as we go.

No flat fee product or workshop that meets your needs?  No worries -- we'll figure it out as we go, and strive to provide you transparent, high-quality, and high-value services on an hourly basis.  Schedule a meeting to talk to us about what you need.

RATES:  Discounts for 501(c)(3) nonprofits and small business.

  • Standard: $200/hour
  • New & small 501(c)(3) nonprofits, qualifying small business: $125/hour
  • Large 501(c)(3) nonprofits and qualifying medium and large business: $150/hour

Get a legal perspective to help you think through something.

Aren't sure whether you need legal services?  Or just want someone with legal expertise to to bounce off ideas and ask you challenging questions to help figure out what comes next?  Let Commonplace Law be your legal coach.

RATES: Usual hourly rate applies.